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Bring Your Ads to Life With Video

Source: Next Step Communications

Author: Mitch Hannoosh

Bring Your Ads to Life With Video


In the Marketing Mix segment of our last issue of Spreading the Word, we discussed the growing importance of social media in your company's marketing plans. In this issue, we will give a more in depth look at how video is becoming an increasingly valuable marketing tool.

Recently, Next Step was asked to assist one of their clients, Vitronics Soltec, with their booth for the 2013 IPC APEX trade show, America's premier electronics trade show event. The company was searching for new ways to create a draw to their booth - the answer was video.

Vitronics Soltec already runs numerous print advertisements (also produced by Next Step) that feature customer testimonials from around North America about each of their product lines. With the help of the videographers at Clearwater WebVixen ProductionsAvant-Plan Communications, and E-Town Videos, Next Step was able to produce video testimonials for four different existing print ads. The testimonials were shot at locations all over the continent, including Esterline Interface Technologies (Coeur d'Alene, ID), Minarik Drives (South Beloit, IL), Varitron Technologies (Saint-Hubert, QC), and Worthington Assembly(South Deerfield, MA).  

Once the videos were compiled, Next Step posted them onto Vitronics Soltec's YouTube channel and created QR codes for each print ad that linked each ad to its specific video. The results are ads that truly 'come to life' when you scan the interactive QR code.

The end result was:


  • a high-definition, continuous video loop of the four customer testimonials for use in the Vitronics Soltec booth; this provided the company with a powerful new attraction to their booth, and a talking point for visitors
  • a beefed up YouTube channel with four new informative, professional, and entertaining videos
  • an interconnected, powerful ad campaign that could easily be extended and kept fresh and up to date with additional testimonials

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