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With the rise of mobile technology, multimedia and other interactive mediums for marketing communication is becoming an increasingly important and powerful channel to tap into. Next Step Communications will help your company ride the cutting edge by helping to produce videos, slideshows, or animations, and then distribute them through your own YouTube channel, email marketing campaign, custom print or web advertisement, or any other myriad of ways that can spread your interactive message.

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Kortec Corporation NPE Multimedia

This video was developed by Next Step to promote Kortec’s multilayer, thin-wall food packaging technology at industry trade shows.


Vitronics Soltec Customer Testimonial Video


Next Step scripted and produced numerous customer testimonial videos for Vitronics Soltec.  These videos are posted on the Vitronics Soltec web site, the company’s YouTube channel,  and are accessible via QR code scans on the company’s print advertisements.


Wittmann Battenfeld Customer Testimonial Video

Wittmann Battenfeld hired a professional videographer to shoot live footage at the company’s booth at a recent trade show.  Next Step cropped together an interview with one of their customers and posted it to the company’s YouTube channel, as well as using a clip of it in the company’s e-newsletter.