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Next Step Communications has always provided turnkey marketing communications support for its clients. Marketing communications methods are always evolving, and Next Step Communications prides itself on its ability to evolve with them. Our experience is vast and varied, but we also take pride in our capability to recommend and provide any new channel of communication that we feel will help our clients, even if it is as new to us as it is to them. We are versatile, flexible, and adaptable.

The following are some examples of recent Next Step Communications successes.

Next Step Communications - PR


Press Releases
Feature Articles
Next Step Communications - Print Display Advertising

Print Display Advertising

Design, Production, Placement
Outstanding Creative
Media Consulting
Next Step Communications - Web Display

Web Display Advertising

Custom Sized, High Impact Ads
All Current Animated Formats
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Trade Shows

Turnkey Booth Design and Development
Graphics Design and Production
Public Relations and Media Support
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Sales Sheets, Business Cards and more
Next Step Communications - Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Custom Email Design and Development
Strategy Consulting
Personalized Distribution Reports

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Professional HD Video Shooting and Editing
Slideshow and Presentation Design and/or Support
Multi-platform Distribution
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Social Media

Any and All Social Media Outlets
Account Development and Maintenance
Increased Exposure and Impact

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Website Development

Creative, Attractive Site Design
Compelling Copy
Site Maintenance


Our company, Gammaflux, has used Next Step Communications as our marketing and communications agency since it was founded by Greg Hannoosh. We have over a decade of experience with Greg achieving or exceeding our goals on-time and on-budget. Greg is able to gather the raw data required to move the project forward and present a finished product for review with little effort on the client side. We have been especially pleased with our coverage in the press that has resulted in constant free exposure globally. We would strongly recommend Greg Hannoosh and Next Step Communications.
  • Mike Brostedt
  • Director of Market Development, Gammaflux LP
Greg is everything and anything you could ask for in a marketing communications specialist. He is a pleasure to work with and has extensive knowledge of the industries he works in, and the needs of his clients. Over the years, Greg has put together numerous marketing plans for a variety of industrial clients that have raised both their visibility and business volume. And in so doing, he has established himself as one of the premier marketing minds in his field.
  • Jim Callari
  • Editorial Director, Gardner Business Media
Next Step Communications has had a relationship with Kortec for over 15 years. When I joined Kortec in 2009, Greg Hannoosh reached out to me to offer services for the upcoming NPE trade show. Assistance, guidance and project management from Greg were critical to making that event a success for Kortec. Since then we have built a great working relationship and Next Step has provided excellent service for several trade shows and other marketing activity including managing the redesign of our website. I am able to share Kortec's strategic direction with Next Step, as we build marketing communication tools, and have no concerns regarding their integrity with such sensitive information. Greg and Mitch are easy to work with, have great ideas and strong follow through.
  • Russell Bennett
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kortec Inc.
Greg represents what all great PR and marketing contacts should be. He not only provides an excellent service to his clients and to magazine editors such as myself, but he knows what he is talking about. PR people are ten a penny, but those that take the time to develop an in-depth knowledge of their clients and of the markets they operate in are extremely rare. Greg is one of the rare breed, and a pleasure to work with all these years.
  • Steven Pacitti
  • Editor, Sayers Publishing Group
Next Step does great work for our small company. They are thought of as valuable members of our marketing team and in reality they handle the majority of that work with efficiency and provide the results we seek. We simply would not have been as successful as we have been without them.
  • John Effmann
  • Director of Sales and Marketing, ENTEK Extruders