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Web Display Advertising

Advertising on the web is, believe it or not, still a high-growth area. More eyes find these ads than ever before, and there are more options than ever that are available. Consult Next Step Communications today on how we can help you not only design a web advertising campaign, but position your message where it will make the greatest impact.

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Corotec Corporation Web Ad

This animated web ad promotes the key benefits of Corotec’s products and services.  Click here for more information.


Next Step Communications - J H Dugan & Company

J H Dugan & Company Web Ad

This animated web ad used three rotating frames to show what’s different, and better, about working with JH Dugan & Company to recruit top talent.  Click here for more information.  


Next Step Communications - Paulson Training Programs Inc.

Paulson Training Programs Inc. Web Ad/Postcard

This static ad was used as both an e-postcard and as an interstitial web ad.  Click here for more information.


Next Step Communications - Synventive Molding Solutions

Synventive Molding Solutions Web Ad

This static banner ad was used by Synventive to promote its new SynFlow Process Technology.  Click here for more information.