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Next Step's Mitch Hannoosh Moving to Seattle

Author: Mitch Hannoosh

20150611080635-MothersDay2015photo.pngKittery Point, ME (June 4, 2015) . . . Go West, Young Man!  For the second time in his life that’s exactly what Mitch Hannoosh will be doing. After residing in Cambridge, Mass. since his graduation from college back in 2010, Mitch is moving to Seattle September 1 and will be attending the University of Washington, where he will pursue a Master’s degree in Public Policy.

Mitch first went west in 2006, when he moved to Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash. and lived there for four years, earning his BA in History in 2010.

While in Seattle, Mitch will continue to work for Next Step and will maintain contact with our clients.

“While I’ll miss having Mitch here in New England, I’m happy to see him further his education by pursuing this degree which is something he’s passionate about,” said Greg Hannoosh, President of Next Step.  “The University of Washington has one of the top public policy graduate programs in the country.”

“I also am confident that he’ll continue doing the great work he’s been doing for our clients for the past 3 ½ years.  Distance doesn’t mean much in today’s world, and the ability to work from just about anywhere is a reality.” 

Mitch joined Greg, his father, at Next Step on January 1, 2012 and has worked since then as a Marketing Specialist at the agency.  He specializes in supporting clients on a wide variety of projects including advertisements, PR, literature, and trade show support.  He is an expert in social media and e-marketing and helps clients establish, improve and maintain their presence in those areas.

“I am excited for my move to Seattle and to begin studying at Washington,” said Mitch. “I am also excited to continue the work I’ve been accomplishing for Next Step over the last 4 years. It’s been a phenomenal experience working closely with such wonderful people and such impressive companies. I look forward to continuing that work parallel to taking the initial steps towards working in public policy.”

Mitch’s contact information remains the same:  tel. (978) 609-2176, e-mail mhannoosh@next-step.com


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