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The Power of Video Marketing

Author: Mitch Hannoosh

As we discussed briefly in a previous post, video is becoming an exponentially more powerful medium for news, for expression, for entertainment and for marketing too.  The ease of creating and sharing your own videos has made it one of the most popular outlets available today in every facet of life, and marketing is no exception. If your company is not using video yet, you are already behind the times.

Next Step has been promoting video for years, and recently, more of their clients are getting on board. Next Step produced 4 new videos over the past several months for two different clients, Goldenrod Corporation and New Era Converting Machinery Inc.  The videos were varied in their message and their purpose, but each left the client, as well as Next Step, extremely happy with the end result.


Goldenrod had a series of videos that already existed in their archives. They were so outdated, however, that none of the sales team would use any of them. When you won’t show off your videos because of how they look, it’s time to make new videos. Goldenrod agreed, and Next Step set to work on the development of two new replacements for their old series.

One of the videos was a maintenance demonstration video, showing how quickly and easily you could replace an air bladder in one of Goldenrod’s differential shafts. The video was shot entirely on site at Goldenrod’s headquarters in Beacon Falls, CT in just a single day. The highlight was the 2 minute bladder changeover done flawlessly by one of Goldenrod’s employees. See the new maintenance video here: http://www.goldrod.com/newsdetail.php?cur=53

Goldenrod also wanted to update an older informational video on the features and benefits of their differential shafts. For this video, we went on site to one of Goldenrod’s customers, Parkinson Technologies (Woonsocket, RI), who were kind enough to welcome us onto their plant floor to shoot two different versions of the Goldenrod shafts running on one of their machines. After two days of shooting there, and another at Goldenrod’s headquarters to get some final footage, we were able to make an attractive, informational video that could be used on the website, on social media, at trade shows, or by the sales team. The video, posted on YouTube, has almost 600 views to date.  See the new differential video here: http://www.goldrod.com/newsdetail.php?cur=54

New Era

New Era Converting Machinery’s foray into video with Next Step started from a different motivation. They had older videos in their repertoire, but were less interested in updating those and more interested in creating new content, particularly testimonial videos of current customers in target markets. After a search of their customers for interesting stories and equipment, as well as a willingness to participate, two companies in North Carolina were chosen – Maxpro Window Films and Evergreen Packaging.

Next Step, its video partners and New Era’s regional sales representative packed their bags and went to North Carolina for a 4 day swing through the state. The trip began in Whiteville, NC with Maxpro Window Films, a newcomer to the window film industry who were differentiating themselves with the superior quality of their film, quality made through a custom process made possible by New Era’s exceptional equipment and support. See the video shot at Maxpro here: http://neweraconverting.com/uncategorized/flexible-machinery-designs-and-exceptional-support-win-new-era-converting-machinery-inc-business-with-maxpro-window-films-of-whiteville-nc

After Maxpro, the group packed up and drove across the state to Waynesville to shoot at one of the paper mills owned by Evergreen Packaging, a nationwide leader in creating paperboard packaging. New Era had sold and helped install and support a high speed, wide web turret unwind that could perform automatic roll changeovers at full production speed. The unwind machine allowed the mill to run 24/7 with a 99.5% splice success rate, a huge improvement for the company. See the new video here: http://neweraconverting.com/news-3/new-era-converting-machinery-inc-releases-new-video-showing-high-speed-wide-web-turret-unwind-performing-automatic-roll-changeovers-at-full-production-speeds


These are just a few examples of how video can help a company get its message across to its customers and prospects.  Professionally produced video can help you tell your company’s story, promote your products, educate your users, and more.  Contact Next Step if you’d like to learn more on how video can be an effective part of your marketing program.

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